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What is is a link for pairing an Android device and a Windows PC. You can start using your phone on the computer itself through If you’re tired of emailing your photos, videos & files just to get them onto your PC then you should use this benefit of linking your phone to your PC.

Advantages of Connecting Your Phone to a Windows PC

  1. Users may quickly move material from their mobile devices to their computers. So, instead of sending yourself all of your crucial files, use the quicker and simpler drag-and-drop method.
  2. Users may quickly access apps loaded on a mobile device from a computer.
  3. Android users may see text messages, WhatsApp messages, and other communications via a notification pop-up on their computer.
  4. They can also respond to these messages using the same interface.
  5. Copy from one device and paste on another using the cross-device copy and paste capability.
  6. Users may now make and receive voice calls on their computers with ease.
  7. Android users may now instantaneously access up to 2000 photographs from their mobile device on their desktop computer.

System Requirements to Link Phone

There are some minimum requirements for this app to run smoothly on your device. Here are the system requirements for both of your devices for the most optimal experience:

  • Android Device: Minimum Android 7, Phone screen feature requires Android 11, a complete list of Samsung devices that get this feature can be seen on the Supported devices for Your Phone app page .
  • PC OS: Windows 10 version 17134.0 or above, Xbox One. Hardware: ARM, ARM64, x64, x86, Bluetooth feature available

How to Link your phone ?

  • Open the Google Play Store, search for Link to Windows, and download the app.
  • You’ll be asked to scan a QR code that’s displayed on your PC. To get to that QR code, open a browser on your PC and visit
  • On your Android device, use the in-app camera to scan the QR code displayed on your PC.
  • After scanning the QR code, you may be asked for several permissions.
  • These permissions allow you to access content from your phone on your PC.

Another Way to Link Your Phone using

  • Install the Your Phone application by opening the page.
  • After successfully installed on your PC, run the application and select the type of smartphone you want to connect.
  • Sign In using your Microsoft account and wait for the QR code to appear on your PC screen. If it appears, then proceed to the settings on your Android smartphone.
  • On your Android device, make sure you have the Your Phone Companion application installed.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your phone, then click the Advanced Features option
  • Look for the Link to Windows option and activate the setting.
  • After the Your Phone application window from Microsoft appears, click the Link your phone and PC button.
  • Login using the same account as the Phone app in step 3.
  • Click “Is there a QR code on your PC?” (You can also select Pair manually, but that’s a little bit tedious.). The app will generate a unique QR code.
  • Click Continue and point the QR code scanner to the code displayed by the app on your Windows PC.
  • After scanning, tap Continue on your device and grant the app all the necessary permissions.
  • Click Done to finish on your phone. On your PC, tap Continue to finish.